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Why Choose Penta Web Solutions?


Doug Penta has a career spanning 10 years it the IT industry.  He has spent the majority of his career implementing large-scale enterprise software for companies all over the world.  In 2021, Doug decided to reach back to do something he had done in the early days of his tech career: delivering web solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Penta Web Solutions was founded on the idea that small business can provide personalized customer service in a way that large corporations or overseas development teams cannot. Doug has seen IT projects in the corporate world suffer greatly due to the large amount of technical outsourcing done and he seeks to provide personalized one-on-one service to those needing a web presence.

Doug and his team would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your next web project.  Simply navigate to the Contact Us page, tell us what you are envisioning, and we will bring your vision to life!

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